Fall, Furloughs and Furnaces

I love Fall. Actually I say I love Spring, Summer and Winter also…but fall comes with its own special reward. Trees are wrapped in red and gold, humidity levels are tolerable and Dunkin’ Donuts is selling pumpkin muffins. The little ones are imagining a bag full of Skittles, Gummi Bears and the occasional Granola Bar collected while visiting their neighbors in princess dresses, Iron Man costumes and vampire teeth. The Christmas Tree Shops are merchandised with plastic light up pumpkins and the local nursery is selling corn stalks to tie to your mailbox or lamp post. Yes, fall is a fun time of year when people begin pulling sweaters out of the attic and bringing coats to the cleaners. I love Fall…but I don’t love furloughs.

Furloughs are the epitome of people not willing to compromise, government taking over too large a role in our lives and good, honest people being pushed closer to the edge. I have a friend that works for the government…and she will struggle through this action. She is not the person making the decisions, just one of those that does the work and supports the people making the decisions. A meeting of the minds has to take place but I fear it will come at a huge cost to our freedom to make personal decisions and to our pocketbook. Where will it end? I’m hoping it ends well before I need to kick start the old furnace.

I’m a bit chilly this morning as I write this post before heading off to work. Some of my friends are shaking their heads at this, they never get cold. I’m putting on sweatshirts while they are in t-shirts. What is that saying; ‘cold hands, warm heart’? 🙂  I think it will soon be time to turn on the heat, pull the air conditioners out of the windows and go buy some sweaters. (I gave most of mine away over the summer because I’d had them for three years…now its time to pay the piper!) I will hold off on moving the thermostat from its off position as long as I can. Once its on, it never seems to go off. I wonder if I can make it until November?


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