Monthly Archives: November 2013


Sunday morning and its raining. There’s something comforting about a soft, gentle rain tapping on the window. An occasional car goes past on the street…but other than that, quiet. It’s a morning like this when all I want is to be by myself, look deep for inspiration. If none comes, the time was not wasted. Something good always comes from self-imposed seclusion. It gives your imagination a chance to explore new avenues, generate unique ideas, toss around the impossible and find a way to make it happen. Embrace the quiet.

Holidays Fast Approaching

When I sat down to write this morning, I had no idea what the topic would be. The title you see is the first thing that came into my head. And it is the truth; the holidays will be here in no time flat. Every year I say I’m going to do all these wonderful things; really decorate the house, bake cakes and cookies, make ornaments for the tree, ride around and see the lights, go to church, sing carols (well, okay, no singing. My voice would make the angels cringe!). Anyway, you get the picture. We can’t do it all, at least I can’t, so I need to find something to concentrate on. I want to spend time with the grandkids for certain, maybe Kam and I can make some tree ornaments together. I saw a cool pin on Pinterest I’d like to try with him. Of course there will be cookie making, that’s a given…even though my kitchen is very small. What I don’t want to do is stress myself out so much that I don’t enjoy some down time. I love the holidays…and they pass so quickly. So, by the end of this weekend, have a plan in place. Schedule time over the next 2 months for what you have to do, for what you want to do and what you’d like to do…then do your best to stick to it. You’ll be less stressed and that holiday glow will last all season!