Daily Archives: 01/20/2014

Site Update…and more

I’ve finally added my Blurb books to the website. The link is in the header menu at the top of the web page. Clicking on each of the images will bring you directly to that book in my store on Blurb. Although I haven’t published a book in a while I feel another ’30 Poems in 30 Days’ is on the horizon. I know that once I begin writing, I’ll keep at it and complete it. I need a challenge and that was a good one.It’s easy to do one thing for 30 days…knowing it is only for 30 days!


There are a lot of 30 day projects you can do. One of my friends tossed out 2 things a day for 30 days and is feeling less cluttered, another took a mile walk a day for 30 days. No, it’s not a marathon but it was a great accomplishment for someone who did not normally exercise. Take a picture a day for 30 days, write 50 words a day for 30 days, drink 8 glasses of water a day for 30 days, give up bread for 30 days, say good morning to the grumpy person in your office for 30 days! It’s fun, it’s free and you never know how beneficial it is until you do it.

I feel like I’ve gotten my spark back and will be moving on some creative projects. It’s time to quit beating myself up for procrastination and I need to quit being afraid I’m not good enough. I won’t know if I can make it as a writer, poet or photographer until I get out there and start doing something with my work.