Shutterbox 2013 and Old Quebec City

My progress on Shutterbox 2013 is very slow. I think I still have about a week’s worth of work before I can get it sent over to Blurb and printed…I was hoping to be done by now as I have a few other projects I’d like to get moving on.

I just returned from a weekend trip to Old Quebec City. Old Quebec City looks like it stood still in time; a few streets snatched from Dicken’s Village…and to add to the atmosphere; there was snow…and quite a bit of it! It was the last weekend of the Winter Carnival and there was a party atmosphere everywhere you went. We suffered the cold, braved the elements and watched a great ending Parade in front of Parliament. Hopefully some of the photos I took are okay. I still take far too many photos… this is a habit I’ll have to work harder to break. Like many of the photos from previous trips, most will be relegated to a storage device, never seeing the light of day!


I also have to print a couple of my images for a juried show down in Plymouth. I”ll place two into the running…and hope one is taken. This is a very popular show and I’ve not had much luck being accepted…but all I can do is keep trying!

The site is coming along…but, again, lots of work left to do…especially with the photography portion. It will get there in time…sometimes it is all about the journey and not the destination.

Until next time.

1 thought on “Shutterbox 2013 and Old Quebec City

  1. Peggie

    What a great photograph. It captures the essence of the “standing still in time” aspect. It looks like a Dickens Village! You are making so much progress on your passions!


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