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Tri Club Competition 2014

The South Shore Camera Club which I belong to is participating in a Tri Club competition with two other clubs; the Boston Camera Club and the Newton Camera Club. This is the second year of this very competitive image face-off between the three clubs.

As I did last year, I entered an image into each of the twelve categories and, lucky me, one of my images made it into the finals! This image is not the one I thought might get in…but I’m really happy that it did! The twelve categories were Macro (which I won in with my close-up of this cat I saw in Napa Valley) Panorama (of the Cape Cod Canal), In The Kitchen (decorating cookies), 50 Feet from the House (the commuter train), Mechanical (roller coaster in Hershey Park), Night Photo (ice sculpture unicorn), Nature (tiny lily flowers), Holiday/Celebration (ice bath in Quebec),Street Photography (street musician in San Francisco), iPhone (Bourne Bridge at sunrise), Reflection (Railroad bridge after a rain), and Vacation (snowstorm in old Quebec City).

The final competition is on April 16th at EP Levine in Waltham. Here, the 3 images in each category, one from each club, will be put together in a head to head competition. Three judges will award each image points from 1 to 10…and the image with the most points is the winner. Then the points from each category are totaled up and the club with the most points is declared the winner…and gets to bring home the trophy!!

Wish me luck on my image “Cat’s Eyes” as well as our club overall. It should be great fun!


These are quick screen shots of the other images I submitted into the preliminaries at my club…the roller coaster, the snow scene and the reflection of the railroad bridge all made it into the 3rd round…but were dropped after that. I’ll accept that as a personal win!!










Juried Exhibit Image Accepted!

I’m very happy to write that one of the images I entered into a juried exhibit in Plymouth, MA was accepted! There were about 1100 entries and only 203 were accepted into the show. This is the same image I entered into last year’s TriClub competition…and which was selected as a finalist.

The image, titled “Ascension”. is a black and white taken back in October of 2012 in a hotel lobby in Newport, RI. The image printed on metallic paper and I think it really brought out the glimmer; it almost looks like it is lit up!!

There is an opening reception on March 30, 2014. It will be interesting to hear what other visitors to the exhibit have to say about it.Image