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Sewing Day

About a year ago two of my closest friends and I decided that once per month we would have a ‘sewing day’. This would be a day in which each of us in turn would select a project that all of us would make together. I can’t describe in words how enjoyable this has been. I moved an hour away from my friends about three years ago to be closer to my grandkids. I always just assumed I would still be able to visit my friends just like I did before the move. That didn’t happen. Add to that the fact that I got married and those responsibilities started to play a role in my ‘time management’.

But now, I know that at least once per month I can meet up, have some laughs and enjoy creating with two (and now three because we have an ex-Pat who lives in Florida facetimeing with us…how cool is that!) of my BFFs.

This is just a quick post…but I think bottom line, what I’m trying to say is that…don’t lose track of your friends, don’t let life changes cause old acquaintances to be just ‘old acquaintances’. Take it from one who knows.

Trailer Quilt and Sergers

A quick update on two projects I’ve been working hard to complete; a quilt for our travel trailer and learning to thread and use my new serger. I’m happy to say I’ve found success with both.

Regarding the quilt, it is completely done! I’ve finished adding the binding and clipping all the little stray threads. It needs to be pressed but I’ll wait on that until it gets closer to being used in the trailer. I still want to make a couple of pillow shams which will be embroidered with the one design of the Pearl Roses set I didn’t use. I’ll probably start those next month.

Regarding the serger, as I was forewarned, it was a bit tricky to thread. I remained patient and after a couple of hours, understood it and was able to thread it. The needles were much easier to thread than the loopers! So I was successful with the 4-thread overlock and the other was the pintuck done with a rolled hem. The latter one will be very pretty on little girl dresses and pillows.

My next projects are some Easter bucket covers and maybe a couple of stuffed animals and to add a few more items to Etsy.

Until next time!!


Rebel Against The Silo

This morning I read an article that Macy’s is closing down some stores and will be cutting jobs. I’m sure one of the reasons listed will be that they can’t compete with online sales.  Last evening there was a news article about a ‘virtual’ restaurant from which people could order from a very broad menu and have it delivered by an Uber driver. ‘We will be seeing more and more of these virtual restaurants’, quipped the founder. Every day, more and more people are opting to telecommute for work, isolated physically from their fellow associates. Everything they need to do can be done from anywhere there is electricity and and an internet connection.

What is going on?

‘It is said that when one gets older, their world gets smaller. That circle where they  lived, worked, ate, socialized just keeps closing in until soon they no longer want to leave their home. That is interesting. Think about how small the world will be for today’s young adults as they enter their senior years when their world is already becoming so purposefully small? When there is longer the desire to eat in an actual restaurant, or feel the need to  physically hold in their hand what they want to purchase or meet face-to-face with their peers at work, how much smaller can it get? Their world will implode.

I ask, when did we go from being a race that loved to socialize and feel a part of something bigger than ourselves to one where our  happiness is dictated by how fast our connection is to store three blocks down the street?  When did we give up our membership in the human race to become fleshy robots punching keys and ordering sushi to enjoy in the solitary confinement of the silo we call home.

I’m as guilty as the next person for ordering off Amazon and working from home. However there needs to be a balance and I work hard to maintain that balance. I pray that our young adults understand this as well lest we lose what makes us human.



Hand Stitching and Sergers

Two nights ago I was able to complete cutting and pressing the binding for my “Rambling Rose” quilt. Last night I got it stitched on. As I neared the end of the quilt, though, I started to mildly panic; I wasn’t sure I made enough binding to complete the perimeter. Not a big deal, I could have made another strip…it was just the thought that I couldn’t accurately measure that would have bothered me. However I had a whopping five inches of binding left over so all was good.

I began the hand stitching portion of the process and before going to bed had almost one side completed. There is something therapeutic about hand-sewing. It’s the same feeling I get when I write with a pen and paper. Computers and machines have taken that away. I’m not complaining about technology and automation and I have no desire to go back a few decades. It’s just so nice to sit back, relaxed, with a cup of tea and a lap project. I think that is why I love to crosstitch so much (another hobby I’ve not been finding time for.)

And I just want to say one thing…the person who invented the needle threader is a heroine (or maybe a hero) in my book! What a godsend. My left eye is, to put it mildly, junk. Threading needles, without this little helper, is torture. So, whoever you are…thank you.

I woke up at 5:00am this morning and, unable to go back to sleep, made coffee and hand-stitched until 7:00am. It was a nice, quiet way to start a somewhat snowy Saturday.

However my planned project for today (quilt stitching aside for a little while) is to ‘play’ with my new serger. My husband, aka Paul, bought me a very nice one for my birthday in December and I’m ashamed to say, I’ve not done anything with it. I’m told there is much to learn, especially the threading.  I’ll let you know how that goes…hopefully well as I have many plans and a serger, I think, will be a big part of them.