Trailer Quilt and Sergers

A quick update on two projects I’ve been working hard to complete; a quilt for our travel trailer and learning to thread and use my new serger. I’m happy to say I’ve found success with both.

Regarding the quilt, it is completely done! I’ve finished adding the binding and clipping all the little stray threads. It needs to be pressed but I’ll wait on that until it gets closer to being used in the trailer. I still want to make a couple of pillow shams which will be embroidered with the one design of the Pearl Roses set I didn’t use. I’ll probably start those next month.

Regarding the serger, as I was forewarned, it was a bit tricky to thread. I remained patient and after a couple of hours, understood it and was able to thread it. The needles were much easier to thread than the loopers! So I was successful with the 4-thread overlock and the other was the pintuck done with a rolled hem. The latter one will be very pretty on little girl dresses and pillows.

My next projects are some Easter bucket covers and maybe a couple of stuffed animals and to add a few more items to Etsy.

Until next time!!


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