Daily Archives: 03/23/2019

Sewing Day

About a year ago two of my closest friends and I decided that once per month we would have a ‘sewing day’. This would be a day in which each of us in turn would select a project that all of us would make together. I can’t describe in words how enjoyable this has been. I moved an hour away from my friends about three years ago to be closer to my grandkids. I always just assumed I would still be able to visit my friends just like I did before the move. That didn’t happen. Add to that the fact that I got married and those responsibilities started to play a role in my ‘time management’.

But now, I know that at least once per month I can meet up, have some laughs and enjoy creating with two (and now three because we have an ex-Pat who lives in Florida facetimeing with us…how cool is that!) of my BFFs.

This is just a quick post…but I think bottom line, what I’m trying to say is that…don’t lose track of your friends, don’t let life changes cause old acquaintances to be just ‘old acquaintances’. Take it from one who knows.