Daily Archives: 04/21/2019

Rainy Days and Sundays Never Get Me Down

I just finished hiding 300 plastic eggs in my house; three kiddos, 100 eggs (approximately) for each to find. They are usually hidden in the yard but its been raining off and on for two days and the skies are threatening at the moment. Plus, who wants their little one traipsing about in the water-soaked earth looking for mud-encased plastic eggs?

This is the first year we’ve had ‘the hunt’ indoors so it’s fine. And they certainly won’t care. I think it’s great because there are only so many places to hide eggs in the yard…there are oodles of space in the house. Our curtains touch the floor so perfect place to lay eggs behind them. Then inside drawers, behind pillows, inside bowls, under stuffed animals…the possibilities are endless. And, with this many eggs, it will keep them busy enough for us adults to enjoy a Mimosa or two; wink wink.

I mention this ‘inside hunt’ for two reasons; one to let folks know that just because it rains on Easter it does not have to ruin your plans for fun with the kids. They don’t need you stressing out because it rained. No matter how many eggs, candy and prizes they get, their memory will be Mommy upset because of a bit of in-climate weather. God gives you lemons, make lemonade, God gives you rain, use an umbrella or play indoors. Simple.

The second reason I mention the above is that I am one of those folks that kind of likes rainy weekends. Seriously. I don’t feel guilty about staying indoors on the weekend if it’s raining. Normally, if the sun were shining, I would say, “Gee, I should go for a walk, or work in the yard or take a hike instead of wasting this gorgeous day indoors.” Raining outside gives me a very good reason for doing all the things I like to do indoors like sewing, baking, quilting, organizing all my junk (which, I’m proud to say is getting ever smaller with each passing day) without the least bit of guilt. I think it may all go back to something my mother was famous for saying, “It’s a beautiful day outside, what are you doing in the house!” Some phrases are just embedded in your memory.

And, since I, like most folks, have to ‘pay the man’ five days a week, spending time on my own stuff is limited. Two days in a weekend is not enough time, And this is not to say I want it to rain every weekend; I do love the outdoors, hiking, biking, picnics and cookouts, all those fun things that happen on the weekend. Just, you can’t control the weather, at least this is one part of our world humans have not been able to interfere in just yet, though not for lack of trying.

Folks just need to roll with the flow when it happens. So if there is rain in the forecast for a Saturday or Sunday, bring it on. I have at least four projects sitting in the wings!!