My Personal Essays

I run a small on-line writing group called “Scrappy Scribers”. The way it works is like this; on Sunday evening I send out a prompt for an approximately 500-word essay, during the week folks on the email send their essay into me, I compile all the essays into one PDF then send it out to the group the following  Sunday evening with a new prompt. It’s that simple! Response is up and down, some weeks I get ten essays, other weeks, about four. I need more folks to sign up as “Scrappy Scribers” so I’ll just keep plugging away. In the meanwhile, I am having an awesome time writing my own essays! The prompt makes you want to write, which is the motivator I needed and I’m sure most closet writers need. I thought I would publish my contributions to “Scrappy Scribers” here, for your reading pleasure…and because I need to start putting more of my work on this site!!! I hope you enjoy them.

Click Here to find a list of my essays to date


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